What is KOBE®

About KOBE®:

KOBE® is a newly developed highly bio-active plant-derived fungicide/viricide and contains Rheum Officinale Baill Plant Extract.

The key active ingredients in KOBE® are natural substances extracted by a unique extraction process from the herbal plant Rheum officinale Baill and a patent protected isolation method from the roots of the plant Rumex crispus.

KOBE® inhibits the metabolism of fungi cells and thereby prevents the growth of the mycelia (fungal cells) on the subsurface of the plant. KOBE® also limits the growth of conidia (mitospores).

KOBE® provides excellent and effective protection against powdery mildew, gray mold and various other diseases on a wide range of crops; among them vegetables, ornamentals and cereals. It also offers a solution against downy mildew, alternaria and anthracnose.

KOBE® also offers a solution against certain soil borne diseases such as pythium and rhizoctonia. It further acts as a key Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution against various agro bacteria and viruses, among them Bacterial wilt, MLNV (Maize Lethal Necrosis Virus) and TMV (Tobacco Mosaic Virus).

As a low toxicity product to humans and livestock, it is friendly to the environment and can be used in vegetable production. It is recommended to use KOBE® before or upon the first sign of infection of Powdery Mildew.

Mode Of Action:

KOBE® has a unique fold mode of actions. KOBE® activates plant Immunity by eliciting the Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) of the attacked plant and by inducing systemic resistance (ISR) mode of action, which causes plants to arm their own defense systems against attacking pathogens. One of the more effective resistance self-immunity is manipulating the plant to regenerate phytoalexins that prevent spores and fungus form penetrating the plant.

Crops treated with KOBE® produce and accumulate high ratio of self-generated proteins, phytoalexins and other compounds known to inhibit fungal and bacterial diseases and effectively stop the disease or infection from migrating to neighboring cells. When crop is treated with KOBE®, its natural defense system is “Activated” to protect against attacking diseases.

KOBE® was also found to inhibit sporulation by biosynthesis of existing hostile cells. It has good preventative, moderate curative and eradicative action due to the rapid translocation of Rheum officinale Baill plant extract in the plant KOBE®. Also works as an eradicator by fencing fungal haustoria, which are cut off from their nutrient supply and therefore die. The key Active ingredients of KOBE®, Rheum officinale Baill, can be produced from various plants as well as several fungi’s among them Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp. Both are known to have anti-tumor activity, strong antioxidant and anti-mutagenic activity.


  • High efficiency against a wide range of pests

  • Pest Resistance Management programs compliant.

  • Ideal for IPM program due to Levo 2.4 SL™ safety to Beneficials, such as Phytoseiulus sp. and bumblebees.

  • Low MRL (Maximum Residue Level) index.
  • Stimulates crop growth and general well-being, making plants less
  • Suitable for application as foliar pesticide as well as drenching with irrigation water
  • Can be used in Biological and Organic agriculture.
  • Compatible with other pesticides